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Lifeguard Training Program

At JYC Academy, we proudly offer the International Lifeguard Training Program (ILTP), a program globally considered the pinnacle of lifeguard training. Developed by Ellis & Associates, for over 40 years the ILTP has been recognized for its cutting-edge and comprehensive approach.

The ILTP provides a single, cohesive course that covers all aspects of lifeguard training. This includes Health Care Provider level CPR, Emergency Oxygen Administration, and First Aid, as well as modern rescue techniques. The program's objective-driven curriculum ensures that upon completion, lifeguards are equipped with exceptional skills and confidence that exceed the standards of other national and international agencies.

When you enroll in the ILTP, you’ll engage in both theoretical and practical learning, covering aquatic safety concepts, guest management, incident prevention, water rescue techniques, and emergency medical procedures. The program emphasizes hands-on experience, with simulations, drills, and exercises in various scenarios. To successfully complete the course, students must demonstrate their proficiency in each skill area through practical tests and a final written exam.

As an internationally recognized certification, the ILTP certificate is proof of the holder's ability to perform lifeguard duties at any aquatic facility, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for a career in lifeguarding.

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